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Sunday, 22 January 2012


 I love to read.  My parents were and are avid readers. They introduced us to books at a young age. But the thing that made us into readers was their example.

I read mostly fiction but I think the reason I read is to understand people, the world around me and at times to uplift my spirit.  To me the best books are honest books. Books that are written with a love of the craft and not just for profit. This is true of all forms of art. I don't have to necessarily agree with the characters' points of view if what is being said is genuine.

 I have favourite authors and books. There are books that I reread every few years. David Copperfield, Little women, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia are some of my favourite rereads. Of all the books that I have read multiple times the one I reach for most often is the Chronicles of Narnia.

Every two or three years I pick up the Chronicles of Narnia and dive head first into that world.  I need to visit that place once again. I love that a lamp post hurled in evil rage from our world into Narnia plants itself and continues to shine for eons there. I love how Aslan creates his world with song. I can hear the music as it emerges from his being, causing stars to twinkle and the sun to rise for the first time. I revel in it as it rolls and swells and hills, valleys and plains are formed. I thrill as the song trills and flows and streams, ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans appear. I love the idea that a good and blameless king will pay a price for a crime he did not commit. It moves me that people who are weak and selfish come to see their weaknesses after they come face to face with Aslan and are changed. That children can be heroes and grow to become fair princes and princesses and noble Kings and Queens who rescue others. In Narnia the wicked hatch schemes to deceive but in the end their falsehoods are revealed and their plans to do evil are thwarted.

After reading CS Lewis' books I am infused with hope again. I can see our world in a different light. I see that there is evil and tragedy, but also light and love displayed in the face of adversity. I can see what is noble and think on those things. I am challenged to look beyond myself to others. To see promise in those around me.  To forgive as I have been forgiven and to bless others as I have been blessed.

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