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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

They're Here!

They're here! It is such a happy day. My lovely girl and her lovely girl are here!

Over nine years ago my oldest daughter moved to Vancouver. It was just supposed to be for 3 years while she attended Studio 58 at Langara College(theater school).  Nine years later she and her husband and little girl are firmly established in their community. I am truly happy for them. They have a close knit, warm and supportive community. It is a comfort to know that your loved ones have found a place where they are blessed and are a blessing. Being separated from them for most of the year only increases the joy of having them come and stay.

The last time they were here I really got to know Calla. She is a peppy,dramatic, imaginative girl with unruly blond curls. Her laugh is completely infectious and she is my granddaughter!

It is one thing to be a mother but another to see your child as mother. The experience is almost surreal at first but slowly you become accustomed to it. My daughter is a gentle, caring and fun loving mother. I watch and listen to her explain things to her daughter and think what a great teacher. I witness her comfort her girl when she is hurt and think what a great nurse. I listen to her read stories and think, great actress. I eat the meals she makes and think, chef. My daughter has grown into all these things and will continue to grow. It is a wonderful thing to witness.

But Tina is more that the things she does and accomplishes. To me she is a miracle. I had her when I was 19. I loved her from the moment I knew she was there. It was not easy calling my parents and telling them I was pregnant( their response was amazingly accepting). It was hard enduring the scorn of others, some were ashamed of me, others judgmental, some thought I was throwing away my life. I however loved that little life growing within and decided to do my best for her/him. I quit doing all the unhealthy things I had been doing and started to read books on pregnancy and breast-feeding. She gave me a reason to care for myself, she brought purpose to my life. God has been good, faithful he has helped me along the way. The statistics are not good for children of teen mothers but God is bigger than statistics, He is Love. I think that Tina would agree that he has been our Father, our strength, our wisdom, our all in all.

When Tina was five a man came into our lives.  This man is a good guy with a big, kind and generous heart. Our second date involved all three of us going roller skating. We skated with Tina between us holding hands. After skating we were wandering around TO when we found ourselves witnessing a parade. Pete picked Tina up so that she could see over the heads in front of her. At some point he became aware that Tina was not looking at the parade but instead at him. He turned to look into her eyes and she said, "You know I don't have a daddy," as if to say, "I think you might just do." It went straight to his heart. I don't know how many men out there can marry a woman with a child and truly become that child's daddy but Pete did it. How good God is. He not only provided me with a husband but my little girl with a good and trustworthy Dad.

Tina is spunky, she gave me some crazy moments growing up but mostly joy. It has been a long and wonderful journey with my girl who is now a mother herself. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to experience life with her and now I get to share in the journey she is taking into mother-hood!

Soon the house will be full with all 5 of my children, my granddaughter, my son-in-law. It will be chaotic, noisy and heavenly!

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