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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Jewel

Hello again! I've said that each of my children has taught me something. I also look at my children and am amazed at who they are. God has made each one wonderfully unique. I love it! So I share another jewel with you.
The first thing that you notice when you meet Anna is her smile. It lights up her face. It is a smile that elicits a smile in response. She is an intelligent woman. She has an honours BA in sociology/social work with a minor in psychology. After graduating from university she spent a year teaching in South Korea. She has an adventurous spirit. This summer she took a road trip with 2 friends with no real plans for accommodation.  They camped in a hippie camp ground, and on a beach, where they were woken up in the night by a sudden storm, and in a guest house owned by a very elderly man.She has a zest for life. She not only dreams of doing things, she does them. I am amazed at her courage. 
Camping on the sandy beach taught Anna and her friends the truth of Jesus teaching about building our lives on a rock foundation rather than on sand!
After spending a year teaching in Korea Anna realized that the thing that gives her the most joy in life is working with small children. She becomes animated when she tells us stories about "her children." She is a great at mimic and makes us laugh at the children's antics. Anna is now doing an intensive ECE program at Sheridan College that is meant for people with a BA in the social sciences.

When Anna was growing up one of the things that impressed me was her determination. We have an old home video of Anna at the beach. She must have been around three and a half at the time. She's built a sandcastle and runs to the ocean with a little cup to fill with water for the moat. She runs up from the ocean with the little cup. When she comes close her Dad asks her "what have you got in the cup." She starts to reply, then looks down at the cup and realizes that it's empty! Does Anna give up, no. She runs back to the ocean and scoops up some more water. This time she walks very slowly, carefully covering the little cup of water with her hand and this time she has water to put in her moat! It was the same when she was learning to ride a bike and then later when she was having a difficult time in a high school  course. Anna does not give up easily. She puts all her effort into things, especially those things that she finds challenging. 

She has had her sorrows. Two summers ago one of her good friends from high school was killed when she lost control of her car and crashed.  This was a sad time for Anna. It is always difficult when someone your age dies young. It doesn't seem fair. You realize your own mortality. It is hard to watch your child grieve. You want to help them in some way or take the pain away, you can't and you feel powerless. All you can do is give hugs, love and pray, pray, pray. Little by little these types of things have taught me to let go. To trust my children to God and to trust my children in their relationship with him.

Anna really cares for people and I think that is why she chose to study social work. She has been a blessing to me. She is understanding and warm, an easy person to talk to. Her approach to life dares me to get out of my comfort zone, to work hard and not give up and to have some fun too!

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